Which Bottle Material to use in filling line ?

Filling machines are the core of your filling line and the only packaging machines in direct contact with your product But Before buying a new filling machine the Producer should be considering the filling temperature and choose the package material accordingly. Before asking if my Filling machine work in high temperature you should be thinking if you choose the right material for your package. The hot filling process offers a number of advantages to many industries, especially in the sector of food and drinks. The heat can act as a sterilizing agent, preventing the growth of bacteria. Also, the process of hot filling will often allow for a shorter Product Manufacturing Process, meaning that it is more accessible to smaller businesses. It is important to note that not all bottles are hot fill compatible so which material should we use for our Packages?

Plastic Bottles: most common plastic resin cannot withstand hot filling temperatures, however, there are common technologies that will enable a specific type of PET plastic to be hot fill compatible. They are generally referred to as "Heat-set PET" in some cases up to 80 degree Celsius. Currently, packaged water represents the largest end-use market for PET bottles. Juices can be filled in plastic bottles. To this end KULP machinery supplies the appropriate level of hygienic design to ensure the cleanest possible filling process

Glass Bottles: Glass is the trusted and proven packaging for health, taste and the environment, it is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly with nearly no loss in quality or purity. More than three-quarters of European consumers see glass as the most environmentally friendly packaging material. Kulp Machinery research and development team recommends filling sauces in glass bottles to provide the best solution and headspace needs to be consistent, independent of the glass quality. The product can be filled hot or cold, and even contain small particles.

In summary, hot-filling is a good option for many fruit and vegetable juices, water enhancing and tea drinks as it eliminates the need of preservatives, while preserving ambient temperature shelf life of 6 - 12 months, and stock available hot-fill compatible containers are readily available these days making the process more feasible than before but a producer might consider filling temperature while choosing the right Package material