Tomato Sauce Filling Machine

Tomato Sauce Filling Machine

The industrial revolution allowed producers to substitute labor with more efficient machines. With the replacement of labor by machines, new options have been found that push for a variety of different services and sizes to meet different customer needs.

The packaging of tomato paste prepared by farmers in our country is done quickly and in different sizes and capacities according to demand, which makes a great contribution to the national economy by meeting its basic needs.

Tomato paste is hygienically processed and quickly filled by the handle of the tomato paste filling machine. Tomato paste filling machines are adapted according to the viscosity of the product of different brands. Filling machines are equipped with a system which allows filling while respecting hygienic measures, and which saves time and effort. With a single machine, different food, chemical or cosmetic products can be filled into bottles or jars, but it must be taken into account that labor will be required at certain stages for automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines. -automatic.

The tomato paste filling machine is only used for other filling when the machine is cleaned, the cleaning operations should be carried out after each filling process in order to take into account the hygienic conditions. The filling machine has a system that allows easy deep cleaning. Machine parts are made of components with antibacterial properties. These machines are developed according to precise dosing technology, which reduces the rate of wastage of products when filling tomato paste.

In mass production, thousands or millions of products are filled in a short time, and if the filling is not accurate or the spout does not cut off the filling when it needs to, the tomato paste will flow during filling. and that will result in a heavy loss at the end of the day.

The tomato paste filling machine is a 100% household production filling machine. The filling machines are controlled by carrying out all stages from design to production, and are ready to serve small and large businesses. Guaranteed production, filling machines offer one year warranty against manufacturing errors.

Technical Features of Tomato Paste Filling Machine

The technical characteristics of tomato paste filling machines are designed and manufactured according to customers' preferences and also according to the condition of the product to be filled, in order to offer it the ideal solution.

All surfaces in direct contact with the product are made of stainless steel. The other surfaces are armored sheets, stainless steel and aluminum

Includes oil-free system equipment

Thanks to the touch screen which can be used in different languages, the filling and capping system is controlled on the control panel and it also allows filling and capping a single structure, thus saving space advantage

All valve and nozzle parts are designed with 3 pliers for easy and convenient disassembly when cleaning machines

The capacity can be easily adjusted and saved by using the dial to adjust the weight

It has an anti-drip system during filling which can be replaced depending on the type of packaging

It has an electronic and pneumatic actuation system where the air pressure operates at a value of 6 bar.

Adjustable handle on the side to adjust according to the different sizes of containers

Three-phase electrical connection. (380V / 50-60Hz)

Optional C.I.P cleaning system

An optional double-walled hopper and interior mixer system

800 liters is the maximum volume and the maximum speed of air consumption


The professional manufacturing filling machine performs hygienic, delicate and fast filling process. Machine parts are disassembled and assembled quickly and easily. Thanks to this feature, the cleaning and maintenance operations of the machine are carried out more conveniently.

An emergency button in the industrial tomato paste filling machine has been designed and approved in accordance with occupational safety 6331, the machine is made of stainless steel. However, it is protected by an earth against any electrical risk that may arise in the body of the machine.