Liquid Filling Machine

Filling Machine for Liquid Products

Most commonly, filling machines are an important part in production lines, after the product is made, it is ready to be filled and packed. That is where filling machines are needed. Also called bottling machines, these machines must respect hygiene elements, but also have a sensitivity in the filling accuracy. They can usually fill different types of liquid products into various types of packaging, either jar or bottle, plastic or glass.

What are the advantages of the liquid filling machines?

The automation of the filling process comes with various advantages, the most common ones are:

The most obvious advantage of the liquid fillers is the speed of dosing process. With constant speed and reliable performance, both automatic or and semi-automatic filling machines can be programmed to dose a certain volume at a certain rate which guarantees the producer a stable and profitable result.

Another advantage is the flexibility and the ability of the filler for liquid products to adapt according to the type of the product, allowing the user to switch from one product to another, within the same production shift. Indeed, filling machines for liquids offer an advantage in versatile use. This feature is particularly useful for producers that produce more than one type liquid product, and allows them to use of filling machines to fill different products. Thanks to the flexibility in the filling nozzles one machine can fill a product that is liquid, viscous or with particles inside.

The sensitivity of the liquid filling machine, and the anti dripping system in the nozzles, can prevent the product to be wasted, but it also keeps the packaging clean during the filling process. Thanks to the filling accuracy provided by the machine, no spills are guaranteed.

The filling machines for liquid products that are used after the production line also represent a more hygienic solution. The product to be filled is pumped directly from the manufacturing tank  to the filling machine, that can fill automatically into the alligned packages. During the filling process of the machines, there is no human contact with the packages or the product to be filled, therefore this can be considered as the most hygienic solution.

What products can be filled with the liquid filling machine?

Several types of products can be filled by our filling machines, either liquid or viscous. It can work with very liquid product products such as milks, juices, vinegar, oils, etc. The machine can also fill more viscous products such as honey, syrups, creams, sauces, etc. Other products with pieces inside can also be filled with ease, such as jam, ready meals, appetizers, etc.

The use of liquid filling machines in the production line is a very practical and rational solution due to all the advantages it offers and its wide range of use. KULP’s filling machines for liquid products provides filling solutions in  5 different filling ranges (from 5 milliliters up to 5000 milliliters). The machines vary according to the smallest and largest packaging, the type of products to be filled and the filling capacity which determines the number of filling cylinders.

KULP Packaging machinery is a registered trademark that has a worldwide reputation thanks to the quality of its machines and the responsiveness of its after-sales service.