Paint Filling Machine

Indoor paint, outdoor paint, liquid pigments, dye, stain, lacquers, solvents, coatings are all chemical products from the paint industry, that tend to be rather thick and viscous. Which is why, the volumetric piston filling system is a great solution for efficient and precise filling. Moreover, the pneumatic filling system is ideal when filling paint that contains solvents or any other flammable products.

Either in bottles, in jerry cans, or most commonly metal pails or plastic pails, KULPs machines can adapt to various types of packages. And because you do not want your package to be stained with the paint, the anti-dripping system comes here of use, which is why KULP gives guarantee to have zero dripping from the nozzles. Cleaning is also an important criteria when you are filling different colors of paint with the same filling machine. And KULP took that into consideration too as it made its filling cylinders are easy to unmount, but also adaptable to the C.I.P. cleaning system.

You can check below videos of filling machines for paint into plastic buckets and metal cans, with a capping mechanism for lids, and adapted labeling machine for bottles and canisters.

Filling and capping unit for paint into two and five liters cans

Paint filling machine into 5 liters plastic buckets, with automatic capping and wrap around labeling

Fully automatic lid capping machine for paint containers

Four head filling machine for dye and liquid pigment into bottles, with automatic capping and labeling