Hand Sanitizer Filling Machine

In such difficult moments where the world is fighting a global pandemic, hand sanitizer, other alcohol based solutions for hygiene, has became a must in our everyday life, with very frequent usage. In that entrepreneurs see new business opportunities to expand their production or start it from scratch.

For that KULP has the perfect packaging solutions with robust filling machines, capping machines and labeling machine for any shape of bottle or jerrycans. Either liquid, gel or lotion form, there are semi automatic filling machine for eau de cologne filling, antibacterial gel filling, alcohol filling, hand sanitizer filling or any hygiene products filling, even if its is foaming. But also automatic filling machines with two heads, four heads, six heads, or eight heads. Working with either pneumatic or servo motor, all KULP filling machines are perfect for clean and accurate filling.

The capping unit is ideal for spray caps, pump caps, screw caps or twist-off. 

The labeling machines can place and stick the auto adhesive labels from one or two sides, either the package is small or big, cylindrical bottles, square bottles,rectangular cans, and other shaped/

Three liters bottles hand sanitizer automatic filling machine

5 liters cans filling and capping machine