Shampoo Filling Machine

KULP’s filling solutions for hair products

KULP has perfect solutions for all kind of liquid or viscous personal care products, with filling machines for shampoo, conditionar, hair mask, and other foamy cosmetic products. The bottles can be large shampoo bottles between half a liter and two liters bottles, or small volumes such a hotel amenity  products and toiletries from 5ml to 150ml.

Our team of engineers have studied the issues occuring in the packing process of shampoo and other similar personal care products, and came out with a special the diving nozzle system allows the most foamy formulas to be filled without spilling.

The capping machines for plastic shampoo bottles are suitable for screw caps, twist-off caps or pump caps, for small, medium or high capacity.

The labeling machine can also adapt to various shapes and sizes of bottles, placing and sticking the sticker labels into the packages with high accuracy. A special mechanism even allows transparent labels to be sticked on the plastic bottles.

Four Heads Filling Machine for small shampoo bottles.

One Head Filling Machine for shampoo filling bottle, from 100ml to 1 liter.

Semi automatic filling machine for hotel toiletaries from 15ml to 150ml.