Herbal Oil Filling Machine

KULP’s packaging solutions for personal care oils:

For cosmetic oils filling, either essential oils,massage oils, scented oils, hair oils or face oils, the anti dripping system is key to garantee a clean packaging, especially when the capping and the labeling steps are coming next. This is where KULP’s filling solutions are ideal with a special mechanism in the nozzles that works in synchronisation with the volumetric filling piston, and stops the products from leaking once the pistons finishes the ejection of the first portion and gets ready to eject the second portion.

These products are usually packed in small packages from 5ml to 50ml or from 15ml to 150ml. You can check below our videos of the semi automatic filling machines for small volumes, for which the accuracy is also very important:

Semi automatic filling machine for herbal & massage oil

Oil filling machines from 15ml to 150ml

You can check below an automatic version with filling and capping of small volumes of herbal oil with pipette caps or normal screw caps.

Filling and capping machine for herbal oil into small packages