Cosmetic Cream Filling Machine

KULP’s filling solutions for cream and lotions:

Face Cream, hand cream, moisturising cream, foundation cream, shaving cream, body lotion, body milk, sunscreen, are all personal care products that can be filled into various packaging by KULP’s filling machines, regardless of the level of viscosity or the package shape. The same cream filling machine can fill other viscous or liquid products, by dismantling every part that is in direct contact with the product, cleaning it and mount it again, or by connecting the machine to the C.I.P. cleaning system, you can maximize your production by packing several products and package types with one cream filling machine or line.

In fact, KULP offers semi-automatic filling solutions with extreme accuracy and no dripping, as it is visible on the videos below:

Semi automatic filling machine for cosmetic cream

Hand lotion manual filling machine

Automatic options are also available for either a medium capacity:

One head filling machine for hand cream

Or a high capacity with multihead filling capping and labeling machines for :

High capacity filling machine for viscous cosmetic cream