Bakery Filling Solutions Machine

For bakery applications, KULP proposes a large variety of filling machines with adapted filling nozzles. With a fix filling head or a flexible head, products such a custard, creams, doughs, batters, toppings, sauces, fillings and similar liquid and or viscous products, can be deposited into the packages or trays before going into the coolers or into the ovens. On the below vidéo you can check a trailer of pudding filling, cheesecake filling, dough filling, cupcakes batter filling, cake glazing, eclair injecting, muffin filling, cookie jam filling, cake batter filling, rice pudding filling, flan filling, creme brulée filling, croissant injecting, churros injecting, and other similar bakery products:

The following filling nozzlescan be easily attached to the dosing machine according to the filled products:

Flexible Nozzle for Cup Dosing

Flexible Nozzle

Cheesecake Filling Nozzle

Cheesecake NozzleInjection Nozzle
Injection Nozzle