Honey Filling Machine

Packing honey is another project that KULP has years of expertize in. Usually dense and sticky, the pneumatic volumetric filling system is the most suitable for an accurate result, and KULP’s filling machines, either automatic or semi automatic, are able to fill it whatever the consistansy without any dripping, hot or cold filling, garanteed by KULP’s decades of expertize in this domain.

With a density that varies according to the glucose and fructose content, to the processing and filtration of the honey, the mixing, the temperature. Nevertheless, it is no challenge to the pneumatic strength to fill volumes with extreme accuracy. 

This is why KULP's filling machines for liquid and viscous products meet the customer's needs whatever the thickness of the honey or the capacity, which high speed, extreme efficiency, and 100% trusted anti-dripping system.

The top quality of the machines and the reactivity of the after sales service made KULP earn a worldwide reputation in the honey sector, and win the trust of several honey manufacturers, either small apiculturers or large companies such as Balparmak and Anavarza in Turkey, Young's in Pakistan, Harraz in Egypt, and many more.

Our filling machines are compatible for glass jars, plastic jars or metal containers:

And according to the capacity, or the volumes, we can offer to the customers either a semi automatic honey filling machines, or fully automatic filling machines for honey with capping and labeling machine.