Chocolate Spread Filling Machine

Chocolate cream or chocolate spread is a smooth delight generally made from a mixture of vegetable oil and cocoa, but also other ingredients that make this paste irresistible such as nuts or milk. Usually sold in plastic or glass jars, chocolate spread can also be sold in tubes and other innovative packaging.

KULP has all the perfect solutions to pack such a viscous and delicate product, whatever the recipe is. In fact, the quality of our machines guarantees a clean and accurate filling, either automatic or semi-automatic, versatile and efficient capping, and a labeling system adapted to the customer’s needs.

Over the years of experience, KULP has built a reputation in the chocolate spread sector and has earned the trust from customers all over the world :

  • TORKU (Turkey) 1 Line: 3600 Jar/Hour 
  • TORKU (Turkey)  2x Lines: 4800 Jar/Hour
  • SARELLE (Turkey)  1 Line: 2400 Jar/Hour
  • SARELLE (Turkey)  2x Lines: 2400 Jar/Hour
  • SARELLE (Turkey)  3x Lines: 2400 Jar/Hour
  • ÜLKER (Turkey) : 3600 Jar/Hour
  • FISKO BİRLİK (Turkey) : 1500 Jar/Hour 
  • MIHAN ICE CREAM ( IRAN ) : 5000 Jar/Hour
  • GURSOY FINDIK (Turkey)  1 Line: 1500 Jar/Hour
  • GURSOY FINDIK (Turkey) 2x Line: 1200 Jar/Hour 
  • ISTANBUL HALK EKMEK (Turkey) : 2400 Jar/Hour
  • MIHAN ICE CREAM ( Iran ) : 5000 Jar/Hour
  • VANORTTON ( Russia) : 1500 Jar/Hour
  • PALMARY ( Algeria) : 3600 Jar/Hour
  • MB TRADING ( Algeria) : 1500 Jar/Hour
  • CHOCOCAM SA (Cameroon) : 1200 Bucket/Hour
  • Best Company (Tunisia) : Semi Automatic Filling Machine
  • Ben Gaid Hassine Company (Tunisia) : Semi Automatic Filling Machine
  • TWISCO PROMASIDOR (Algeria) : Semi Automatic Filling Machine

The Semi Automatic Solution:

For start-up capacity, KULP’s semi automatic filling machine is ideal and can have filling ranges that start from very small volume of few militers, up to 5kg (click here to find the adapted filling range for you) with extreme accuracy and special nozzles that do not allow any dripping. Chocolate spread usually needs to be filled hot, and in order to keep the temperature level stable and the product homogenious, the hopper is double jacketed and includes an agitator. This type of machines have one filling head with adjustable filling and priming speed, that allows the workers to fill at their own pace.

A semi automatic capping mechanism for twist off and screw caps can complete the semi automatic solution to assure a fırm and tight capping with the right torque.

The Fully Automatic Solution:

For a higher capacity, several options can be found within KULP’s filling machines ranges, either two, four, six or 8 heads, (See here our automatic filling machines) we adapt to the customer’s needs and budget. Together with the filling, other machines are proposed to fully automize the packaging line, from the air rinsing to get any dust or glass residues that could be unsafe for the final customer, the UV tunnel to disinfect the recipents from viruses and bacterias, the sealing machine that seals the foils into the recipients before going to the capping machine with or without automatic sorting, placing and pushing or screwing of the caps (depending on the capacities and the cap types), a labeling machine completes then the line by placing auto adhesive stickers either one or two ways, whatever the shape or size the recipient is.

You can check below some of our chocolate spread lines: