Transfer Pumps

    * KULP Transfer Pumps work with volumetric piston system.
    * KULP Transfer pumps are designed for transferring the products from the cooking vessels ,production tanks or storage tanks to             the  filling systems.
    * Pumps are made of stainless steel (the parts contact with the product are 316 L and the other parts are 304 )
    * Pumps stand on a stainless steel platform which is supported by 4 castors.
    * While the pumps are working with volumetric piston system, the do not process  or squeeze  the products that they are transferring.
    * KULP Transfer pumps capacity is up to 2 tons/ hour according to the type of the product.
    * KULP Transfer pumps are divided into three models according the working principles and type of the products that will be                         transferred.


P-240 Transfer Pump

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P-240 Transfer Pump